Thursday, August 14, 2008


Actually, today was a good day! It was several steps above merely surviving.

It was the first day of school which meant that Paige headed off to 8th grade, Lane headed to 2nd grade, and I headed to junior high math! I have 107 6th, 7th, & 8th graders that I will see every day. Whew. I don't know that I am ready for 107 math papers to grade.

We had an assembly presented by Justin Lookadoo. In case you didn't know, he is the author of the book Dateable. Paige is in a small group of junior high girls who are reading & discussing the book. They LOVE it!!! And they loved his presentation today! He spoke about Attitude, Character, & Values to the entire junior high student body. The kids responded well and had positive comments when the presentation was over. The assembly was also presented to the high schoolers (adapted a little more to their level, I'm sure).

We are going to another session tonight at church. I'm anxious to see what the high schoolers thought. Paige is going to take her copy of Dateable to have Justin Lookadoo autograph it.

BTW, if you are the parent of a preteen or teenage daughter-Jennifer-you need to check out the book. Read it first and decide when your daughter is ready for it. Paige & some of her friends have been a bit embarrassed by some of the topics, but they need to know it! I am trying to be proactive about all of this "dating stuff." Yikes!

So, we all had a great day. Lane LOVES his teacher & class, Paige had a good day, and I feel pretty good about how the day went. I'll try not to be a total stranger on this blog since school has started, but no guarentees!

Check out Justin Lookadoo's website: