Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I sent out an email, but maybe not everyone was included. Sorry!

Paige will have surgery Thursday to pin her broken shoulder. It has "significant displacement" which basically means the bones need to be pinned to be aligned properly. I was really worried about her growth plate, but the surgeon showed me that, while it was slightly impacted, it could have been much worse.

We had a really long day today, and Paige was exhausted by the time we arrived home. She is also in lots of pain.

Mom was able to go with us today. Thanks, Mom! Jason was coaching basketball, but he'll be able to go with us for the surgery.

****This will merit its own post at a later date, but Lane's Lego house arrived yesterday! He's on top of the world!!*****

Good night. I'm off to bed!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Will Never, I Repeat NEVER....

....wish for "blog fodder" again! I was drawing a blank for a new post on our blog, when BAM! This afternoon's incident is more than I could have ever dreamed.

Where do I begin? Well, to make a long story short, the weather was pretty nice this afternoon. After arriving home from church and eating a quick lunch, Paige & I planned to go for a run (track season starts soon). Paige & Lane headed out to the tramp while I finished up dishes and started a load of laundry.

I was checking the 10-day forecast online when Paige came inside crying. She's one tough cookie and never cries, so something was wrong! She fell off the tramp and couldn't move her left arm because she landed on her shoulder. After about 2 minutes of debate, we all got on shoes and headed to the ER.

Initially, everyone thought she had just dislocated her shoulder. But, the doctor thought it wise to take some x-rays to rule out anything else. Paige got an IV and some morphine so that she could handle the x-rays. Turns out, she broke her humerous right at the top where it is a ball (I think I have that right). She landed straight on her left side when she went off the tramp, and apparently her shoulder took all of the impact. The ground won.

We are home now. Paige has a sling and some good drugs. We'll find out tomorrow morning what time we get to see an orthopaedic surgeon who will take pediatric patients. Sugery is not certain, but it sounds like shoulders are tricky things to fix.

Thank the Lord that she did not land on her head, thank the Lord that Jason and I were home, and thank the Lord that nothing else is injured. Pray for a restful night for Paige, and that we can get in to the doctor tomorrow.

We'll know more tomorrow about where we go from here!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Teenager????

Paige & friends at the bowling alley.

How can it be?? I'm surely not old enough to have a teenage daughter! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, PAIGE!!

Paige's 13th birthday was last Saturday, February 16. She celebrated by inviting a couple of friends over. We went bowling (I won!), and the girls got to browse at Target for over an hour. We finished off the evening with dinner at Applebee's where I had a very excellent steak.

I wasn't sure what to get Paige for her birthday, so I ended up ordering some clothes from Hollister Co. Well, I think I am old enough to raise a teenage daughter! Let me tell you why. One of the items Paige liked online was this pair of shorts. I looked at them and thought, "Okay, these will work for a swimsuit cover up, she can wear them to the lake, sleep in them, etc."

When they arrived, I nearly needed CPR! I think the inseam could have only been a quarter inch long! AND Paige's legs are about a mile long. Yeah. Since this was the day before Paige's birthday, I wrapped them up anyway.

Turns out, they weren't as short as I originally thought, and they will work to wear over her swimsuit. BUT, all you mothers of daughters out there, take heed!! Paige is very modest, Thank you, Lord, but I know the day will come when she & I disagree about "appropriate" clothing!

About Hollister-if you've never been in the store, you need night vision goggles to see the clothing that is for sale. I'm not kidding. I think the walls must be painted black, and the lighting is very dim. Yep. Fun times for the ol' mom. Thank goodness Jason hasn't been in there. We'd never hear the end of it!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm baaaaack!

Hello, all! I keep thinking that I should update my blog, but have been too busy (or lazy) to do so! Here's a quick update on The Wells Family in Kansas:

Starting with the youngest first....
Lane is busy with being a 7-year-old boy! He lost a few more teeth and is still sporting a big hole in his grin. Unfortunately, it looks like he will follow in Paige's footsteps and will need braces in a few years.

Lane's biggest passion right now is his Lego collection. Guess what arrived in the mail at our house about two weeks after Christmas? That's right-a Lego catalog. Well, I must agree that there are some pretty cool Lego kits out there, but did we really need that temptation right after Christmas? NO!

But..... Lane counted his money, worked to earn some more, and ordered a house from the catalog. Every day after school, he would beg me to go home "right away" so that he could see if it had arrived. Every day....no Lego box. Finally, we received a letter saying that his house was backordered until April 22!!! Bummer! Lane was very disappointed, but he decided that he could wait that long.

Also, Lane has found a couple of good buddies at school and they spend their recess time looking for alien footprints and scanning the sky for "the mother ship." Don't ask.

Paige is finished with basketball. Her team ended with a record of 8-3. They lost their first game in the tournament, so that cut the season a little short. Now she is in quiz bowl and is looking forward to the track season (which will mean the start of cold, windy days and hot, windy days).
Good news: Paige gets her braces off near the end of March! Whoo hoo! She's excited!

Jason is still coaching girls' basketball. Their record stinks, but he feels that he is making progress with the girls. It's been tough. The coach (who started the season) is very, very ill and everyone is concerned about his health. His situation is extremely sad, and it's been hard on the school community, too.

I am now "coaching" junior high quiz bowl. I have lots of fun-I know I'm a nerd, but that's okay with me! So, on the nights that there isn't a basketball game, I usually have quiz bowl. We'll be lucky if we eat one meal a week at home this month! March will be much less hectic.
I did order My Utmost for His Highest and have started it. I honestly haven't devoted much time to it lately, so I'm not sure what I think yet.

I also attempted to begin training for a 10K or a Half-Marathon. I didn't commit, because I wasn't sure that I would have time for the training. I did really well the first two weeks and managed to run 6 miles in less time than was on my schedule. But (you knew this was coming), last week I didn't get my long run in. I don't want to give up yet, but I think that I might have to plan on some sort of race in the fall. We'll see. Maybe if I post this, then I'll feel more obligated to stick to my guns! I really need someone to run with. Any takers? Long runs are on Sundays. Come join me-it would be so much more fun with a partner! I'm not Speedy Gonzales or anything, so don't plan on winning any races.

Okay, so this turned into a long blog. Looking forward to your comments.......