Monday, October 29, 2007

It's almost November????

Where did the time go? Well, not much exciting has happened around here recently. Try not to yawn as you read my update!
The first nine weeks is over for school. Paige and Lane both did very well on their report cards. Lane went on a couple of field trips, so that was a highlight. I didn't get to go-I'll go in the spring. Paige's volleyball team finished their season last week. They did not have a winning record, so it was a disappointing season. She started basketball practice today. Lane is still in gymnastics and loves it! It's amazing to see how his strength and flexibility have continued to develop and improve. Maybe I should be in the class!
We spent Saturday out at Mom & Dad's. Paige is earning money for a trip to Washington DC in May, so we worked on cleaning out the barn. We finished the job, and Paige & Lane both worked really hard until they found the baby kittens! Then they just wanted to hold the kittens and play with them. I can't say that I blame them. I used to spend HOURS in the chickenhouse playing with baby kittens when I was a girl. We also got to check out the basement in the old house. I hadn't been down there in awhile! The kids thought it was great-we found Uncle Clifton's army uniform hat, old taxes from Arthur Wiles from 1948, old ammo, an old wheelchair, etc. etc. Then Lane built a doghouse for Casey, with a little help from Grandpa Bob. The entire house took about 30 minutes to assemble, and Lane was thrilled. :)
Jason & I got to go to Garden City for the afternoon yesterday after church. I found two new pairs of jeans, so I was excited. I don't like shopping for jeans when I am looking for anything else. Jeans are so tricky-too short, too long, too big, too tight, etc. Anyway, finding two pair was great!
So, there you have it: my thrilling weekend. Actually, I have to admit- it was fine. I enjoy nice quiet weekends without commitments. After working all week and surviving the madness of school, activities, laundry, cooking, cleaning, sometimes I just want to sit in front of the TV and watch mindless shows.
Ahh-my final point. I did get to watch my one and only show: Dancing with the Stars! Corny, I know, but I love it! I'm getting pretty good at predicting the judges' scores. My guess is that Jane will get voted off tomorrow night. We'll see if I'm right....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

New bedding

Okay, this isn't the most exciting post, but....I finally got new bedding for my room, so I am very excited! We got the furniture for Christmas last year, and it has taken me this long to find (and then actually purchase) bedding to go with the new bedroom set. I also got a very cool arrangement from the local pharmacy/gift store. It is next to the tv in the pics. I like the splash of color it adds to the room. I would like to find a cool, but inexpensive, mirror to hang above the tv. Since I know myself, it will probably take at least six months for me to accomplish that!

Friday, October 12, 2007

We have a winner!!

Paige (1st) & teammate Nicole (4th)-Can you tell it was windy??

Paige won the 7th grade girls league cross country title yesterday!! She was very excited (although she maintained her calm, cool composure :) ). This was the final cross country meet for the season, so she finished with a bang! Can you tell I'm proud???

On another note, Lane is home sick this afternoon (reason why I'm posting at 1:00 pm). Poor kiddo-he threw up in the cafeteria! That was always one of my biggest fears...getting sick in front of my friends!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Lane is 7 today!!

Birthday treats at school on Friday
Happy birthday, Lane!! It's hard for me to believe that my "baby" is already seven years old! Wow. He received some fun gifts: a science experiment kit (complete with a pooping intestine), Lego City garage/car wash and street sweeper, Lego tractor, new cowboy boots, and a ton of other cool stuff! We didn't have school today, so Lane got to sleep in a little. However, I had to leave early for a conference (reason why no school), so I had to call Lane to tell him "Happy Birthday" when he woke up. That stunk! Poor, poor me, but really, I felt like a rotten mom. Hopefully, we can have a party this coming weekend so that he feels like he really had a birthday.

A big, cheesy grin for the camera