Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time for Bball!!

Paige's 7th grade girls basketball team is doing well (after 2 games :) ). They face some stiffer competition tomorrow, so we'll see what our girls are made of.
Hopefully, I will remember to take my camera so that I can share a few shots of Paige in action. Jason has been keeping stats, so if I get really motivated, I might even include Paige's numbers in the next post!
The high school kicks off their season Friday night with a home game. I like to go to basketball games ( mainly to people watch and eat frito pies from the concession stand), so I'm ready for Friday night!

Justice Has Prevailed!

DWTS-Just in case you did not have your tv on today, Helio & Julianne won the Dancing with the Stars competition last night AND, Marie was dismissed within the first 15 minutes of the show! So....I was content to watch the entire show. I still liked Mel B., but Helio was obviously the crowd favorite, and let's face it-he's got the cutest grin EVER! Yeah, I was happy!
Let's hear it for the next season of DWTS!!! Wonder what "stars" they'll dredge up for the spring competition??? Gotta love it!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Extreme Farm Fun

Paige & Aubrey before The Jump
Luke, Aubrey, & Paige in actionPaige & Aubrey rolling down the mash (this is what the kids jumped into). Note Paige's flower on the wall above Aubrey. This stuff is gooey enough that Paige could plaster it on the wall of the shed.
Smashing gyp
Tough guys
There you have it, folks! This is what we do for fun at Grandpa Bob's farm! The older kids were jumping into a pile of distilled corn mash (byproduct of ethanol that is fed to cattle)-anyway I think that's what the stuff is called. I think the word "distilled" says it all. This stuff smells like a sour brewery! However, it's warm and gooey, and the kids think it's the best stuff ever! Lane & Jack were occupied with climbing on the pile of gyp and smashing rocks. They could have spent hours out there if we let them.

TobyMac & Barlow Girl

Barlow Girl drummer-Their message is "Be a
voice, not an echo."

Paige & I went to an awesome concert a couple of weeks ago: TobyMac with opening acts Thousand Foot Krutch & Barlow Girl. Sorry for the bad pictures! If you ever get the chance to go to a Tobymac or Barlow Girl concert-GO! We took a group of kids from our church youth group down to Dodge City to see the show. It was a fun trip, too. I think we must have stopped fifty times for food!

A very blurry Tobymac

Friday, November 2, 2007


Forgot to post this on the Trick or Treat one--let me just say that I was shocked, shocked I tell you by the Results show of Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday. Okay, so I can predict the judge's scoring, but cannot predict the viewers' votes. I have only one friend who watches the show, too (yes, I have more than one friend-just not more than one who watches!), and so I feel the need to discuss this show on the blog.
I'm rooting for Mel B. Love her! Let me just say that Marie obviously has a large fan base, because she needs to go home!

Trick or Treat

What have I created??
Kaeleigh & Paige
The great scientist

Obviously, I'm a bit late for a Halloween post, but better late than never I always say! :) Anyway, Lane was a scientist-perfect for his personality! Paige did not dress up, but she had a "crazy sock" day at her school.

A church in town had a Heroes Unmasked fun night. It used material from Group Publishing (which our community has used for VBS for a few years), and was themed around various Biblical heroes & activities/games based on their stories. The kids loved it, came home with lots of candy, and expressed hope that they'll have it again next year. Each church in town sponsered a station, and the kids moved from station to station. Lane was especially transfixed with the witness at Jesus' tomb. After the story, we were able to enter the empty tomb and see the gravecloths. Very cool to a 7-year-old!