Sunday, September 28, 2008

Running, running, running

It seems that we are all running a lot lately! Life is crazy, but we are adjusting. I have come to terms with the fact that I won't get to watch the new season of Dancing with the Stars. I'll just have to read about it! I am ususally grading papers if I am home in the evenings, so no tv for me. Ho hum. One good thing about being so busy is that I am thrilled when I get to cook a meal for my family. No kidding. Not that it's gourmet fare or anything that lofty, but at least it's home cooked.

I ran a 10 K last Saturday. It was a beautiful morning, I felt great, and I ran a faster time than my goal. Bonus: I had a great time! It was fun, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Of course I only saw the winners when I saw their pictures in the newspaper on Monday, but hey, I did it! So yes, I am proud of myself. :-)

Paige is dominating the junior high girls cross country. She placed 2nd in a 2 mile race on Tuesday, but turned around and beat the same girl yesterday morning. Paige is having fun, and meeting some other runners from the area. She is already looking forward to high school cross country next year. She's ready! She knows what training will be involved, but she knows that she can do it.

Lane missed two days of school last week b/c of strep throat. Our schools have really been hit hard by illness already this year. I knew that Lane would catch the "bug" it was just a matter of when. He is feeling much better, but we'll probably end up with a second round of antibiotics. His glands are still really swollen. In fact, he named them: Fred & Ted. Only Lane.

Lane was upset that he missed school when he found out that his class got to "taste test" SEVENTEEN different varieties of apples on one of the days he was gone. He was mad. I love apples, however I didn't realize that their were that many varieties. Wow. BTW, if you get a chance to buy Honey Crisp apples, do it! I LOVE them. Last time I was in Dillons I spent $12 on Honey Crisp apples. Yum.

Jason is already counting down the days until basketball season. I think I said that in my last post (when was that? Two years ago?), but he is ready.

Sorry for the rambles. I will try really hard to post some pictures next time!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I made no promises to update regularly once school started. So. I see that it has been four weeks since my last post. Ready for a quick update?

Here we go:

...loves school! in the Super Speller Club. First reward is lunch with his teacher!
...purchased an awesome Lego race car. The doors open, mirrors adjust, hood opens, etc. Very cool.
...has been reading like crazy. still obsessed with garbage trucks.

PAIGE... in 8th grade. playing volleyball. The team is not doing so well this season. She had a good game last week, though with a couple of hits and a block.
...won her first cross country meet yesterday. She is excited about the cross country season.
...continues to be a good role model.

JASON... busy with his 5,000 different jobs. already talking about the high school basketball season on at least a daily basis! I think he's excited and nervous. currently finishing up a basement remodeling project.
...has been able to attend Paige's ball games when I can't go.

...does not go down to the basement while the remodeling is taking place. It wreaks havoc with her obsession with cleanliness! adjusting to junior high math. This last week went smoothly. Stress level is lower. still running, too. Going to attempt a 10K next weekend. even managing to cook a few meals a week. Emphasis on few.