Thursday, February 5, 2009

Home at Last!

It's been a CRAZY six weeks! I am so happy that I am home this evening, and that I actually get to cook a meal. We're having spaghetti, fresh salad, beer bread (from scratch w/ melted butter), and chocolate mousse (made w/ whipping cream-hello, calories).

Paige's basketball season ended yesterday at the league tournament. They only had 6 girls on their team, and it wasn't a very successful season. She is looking forward to basketball next year with her dad as her coach. ;) She's also ready for track season!

Lane is busy going to basketball games. If you asked him, he would reply that he "hates basketball games." However, he always finds someone to hang out with OR he attempts to spend as much money possible at the concession stand-until I shut him down.

Jason's girls are 6-10 right now. Not the record he was hoping for at this point in the season, but they have played some state-ranked teams, so there has been some very tough competition. The team has had their ups and downs, but everything is running smoothly right now.

I start junior high quiz bowl season next week, so that means I'll be gone another couple of nights most weeks. Ho hum. Actually, I have fun...I know most of the answers at the junior high meets! It makes me feel smart. :)

We get to go watch the Lady Wildcats at Manhattan on February 21. The high school girls basketball team gets in free, and Jason, his assistant coach, her husband, Paige, and I also get in free or for a discount. The Wildcats are having an awesome season, so I'm excited to watch them in action. Maybe I need a new purple shirt....?