Monday, January 5, 2009

Ta Da!

Well, of course I uploaded my photos in reverse order again. Wouldn't want to surprise you or anything.

The office is done! My Christmas break project was to redo our home office/computer room.

I'm all smiles in my new room. All smiles with hair in my face apparently...What can I say? Self-photos are tricky. Lane is hard at work at the computer. He was watching a video demo how to make a turkey out of Crayola Model Magic. Hmmmm.

Cool new pictures-1/2 price at Hobby Lobby, thank you very much! And thanks to Jen for picking them up for me when they went on sale (the check's in the mail!). And thanks to Jen for spotting them while we were browsing in Hobby Lobby.

Some more cool pictures and my newly painted bookshelf

The "Before" picture. It wasn't this bad, promise. I had already taken out my bookshelf and computer desk, so everything was piled on the floor.

Anyway, it's finished. Next project...figure out the laptop! I got for Christmas.

Friday, January 2, 2009

My Grandmother...

I just wanted to update the family. My grandmother, Helen Muret, has taken a serious turn for the worse with her health. She hasn't been well for about 6 weeks now, but the last two days have been decidedly more serious.

Mom & Dad drove down to Winfield today and picked up my Aunt Jeanne in Great Bend on the way. Uncle Bill called them this morning and told them Grandmother was unconcious this morning.

Please keep my mom, her sister Jeanne, and brother Bill in your prayers. Grandmother is 91 years old, but I know that Mom wants to talk with her again!