Thursday, May 28, 2009


...I will get some pictures on here! I have tried a couple of times, but I'm still having computer issues!

Anyway, a brief summary of the last month:
Paige graduated from 8th grade. She looked beautiful in her purple dress! They have a ceremony here, followed by a dance for the graduates. She will be taking Driver's Ed this summer (my condolences to the instructor-she must have the patience of Job), playing basketball, and running to build endurance for cross country. She also works a few days each week for Jason. She'll be busy!

We've have a few "teenage/mom" clashes already, but they seem to be under control for the moment. Sigh.

Lane loved every moment of second grade, and he adored his teacher. He wrote several books over the school year. As you all know, he has quite the imagination, so the stories are pretty funny!

Lane is in swim team and minor league baseball this summer. He says that he "has just been so busy." Hmmmm, those two activities take about two hours out of his day sometimes. Usually it is only about one hour. Poor guy. I'm such a mean mom.

Jason is busy with everything: carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, supervising our truck driver, farming, cattle, and basketball. Oh, he does manage to find time to make it to men's league golf night each week.

I survived the school year. Those last few days were torture! The students had checked out (mentally for sure) about a week before school let out, but we still had to keep busy. Glad that's over.

I passed my math test!!!! Now I get to study for an ESL test that I will take at the end of July. Fun times.

Paige and I went to Boulder, Colorado over Memorial Day, and I ran in the BolderBoulder 10K race. I didn't feel well, but it was a fun place to be. Approximately 50, 000 people participate, and then at the end, there is a professional race with international runners. That was fun to watch. I kind of felt like we were at the Olympics! That's the closest we'll ever come, anyway.

Signing off....


Earl and Lois said...

Enjoyed your personal history doings and congratulations on your math test passing. We are proud of Paige as honor graduate and all her excellence in other activities. We enjoy having Lane come over and teach us new things with his activities as he has lots of new ideas.
Keep us posted and Lois tried to send pictures on a blog and wasn't successful. She wound up sending hers by E-mail to Larry.
Love from Grandpa Earl

Mike & Dana said...

Sounds like you guys have a busy summer ahead of you....enjoy!!!
Thanks for the update.

sahmqueen said...

Sounds like a fun but busy summer ahead. I am trying to beef up my blog, so stay tuned...

sahmqueen said...

Looking forward to some new blog entries by you. I got my blog up and rolling again.